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LaBAP, an international non-governmental organisation for the defence of human rights, is committed to promoting sport and development in prisons.

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Sport et détention : le quotidien carcéral.
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Improving detention conditions

Sporting activities enable prisoners to learn to respect themselves, others and the rules; to understand the need for effort; to help bring a collective project together; to rediscover and maintain physical and mental condition; and, lastly, to regain confidence by demonstrating the ability to achieve goals.
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Helping prisoners reintegrate

In prison terms reintegration into society means offering psychological, vocational and educational assistance to prisoners through the work opportunities, educational and cultural means and leisure activities available in prison.
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Encouraging the promotion of sport in prison at international, regional and national level

The criminal justice system should draw on all rules in international texts on custody so that reintegration can start from day one of a prison sentence, with social rehabilitation, and continue after release.
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